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Sleep Like A President

— by Sleep Outfitters on Feb 19, 2024

Running a country comes with a lot of stress and responsibilities. Unsurprisingly, history has shown that most of our leaders have struggled to achieve a good night’s rest. In honor of President’s Day, here are some of the more notable presidential sleep quirks.

A few presidents enjoyed the practice of taking afternoon naps. Ronald Reagan did so daily and was known to joke about dozing during cabinet meetings, and John F. Kennedy was known to snooze right after lunch. George W. Bush also valued a midday nap and would retire to bed early in the evening. With as much responsibility as a president, being well-rested for the job seems mandatory.

An image of Mount Rushmore.

Napping wasn’t the only trait some of our former leaders exhibited – other noteworthy habits even affected the sleeping arrangements of the first lady. Known for thunderous snoring, Theodore Roosevelt once had a hospital room to himself so he wouldn’t disturb other patients. First Lady Edith Roosevelt must have been a sound sleeper to put up with such terrible noise! Abraham Lincoln was a chronic insomniac, which may come as no surprise considering the stress of leading the country during the Civil War. He never slept in the Lincoln bed, so First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln bought and slept in it alone. John and Jackie Kennedy also slept separately due to comfort preferences; he enjoyed firm mattresses, while she favored a softer feel.

Being the POTUS doesn’t mean you’re exempt from unusual sleeping habits, though we prefer a rested president over a grumpy one. As our legacy of leaders continues, we wonder what other peculiar sleep habits our future politicians will bring to the White House.

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