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Scents That Will Make You Sleepy

— by Sleep Outfitters on Mar 18, 2024

Our sense of smell can do amazing things and plays a huge role in how we process the world. While a sense of smell is unique to each person, some are considered universally comforting. Many have heard of the olfactory response, where a particular smell can trigger a memory. However, our hormones affect how we process smells and dictate whether we perceive a scent as pleasant.

Specific scents have been used throughout history during celebrations, ceremonies, and everyday life, and the tradition of using fragrance to enrich life continues today. In 2022, the air freshener market was valued at over $13 billion worldwide with its worth projected to reach $31.5 billion by 2032.* Given this trajectory, it’s safe to say that people will continue to enjoy customizing the smell of their space and are willing to pay for their favorite scents.

A lavender field

Your nighttime routine can also be enhanced by specific smells, and there’s no shortage of soothing options in any grocery, pharmacy, or beauty supply store. For example, lavender, chamomile, vanilla, jasmine, and valerian are commonly associated with comfort and relaxation. Certain scents are more pungent than others (we’re looking at you, valerian), but you can often find them combined with other smells that offset a strong scent for a gentler aroma. Sprays for your pillows, oils for diffusers, and lotions are some of the ways people choose to use these fragrances in the bedroom to promote an inviting atmosphere and help wind down after a long day.

One scent we may not have mentioned could be your favorite fragrance. Whatever that may be, any smell you love can help you fall asleep. It goes back to the olfactory response that links scent to memory. Usually, scents you enjoy will also bring up pleasant memories, which in turn helps you relax. Going to your “happy place” is a great stress reducer and can allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

*According to an article by Acumen Research and Consulting published on globelnewswire.com

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