Sleep Advice for Moms

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Mothers of Newborns:

The timing couldn't be worse -- just when you are physically exhausted and need to recuperate from delivery and adjust to a huge life change of being a parent, you also need to do all of this on very little sleep, and what you get is often broken as well! A new mom loses an average of 2-5 hours of sleep a night. Over the course of your baby's first year, losing an average of two hours of sleep per night adds up to approximately 740 lost sleep hours.

Advice for new moms: Whenever possible, sleep when the baby sleeps. The laundry can wait for an hour while you lay down to take a snooze. If family or friends come to visit, don't feel pressured to entertain them -- ask them to take care of the baby for a little bit so you can take a nap.

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Mothers of Toddlers:

The age when they won’t sleep without you and enter the “Terrible Two’s & Three’s”. As mothers continue to lose sleep, health issues start to occur: high blood pressure, weakened immune system, weight gain, and memory loss.

Advice For Moms: Start allowing your child to have one nap instead of two, keeping them busy through the day to help them sleep soundly at night.

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Mothers of Elementary children:

Thankfully, this is the age when your child becomes more independent and can begin to do extracurricular activities. Unfortunately for mom, it means, “go, go, go!” and doesn’t allow for much time to get everything in your life in order.

Advice for Moms: Start winding down about an hour before bedtime. Turn off the TV, no phones, and maybe have story time together. This will prepare their minds for relaxing and will lessen the battles of “But I’m not sleepy!”, and allow you to go to sleep when they do.

Mothers of Teens/Pre-Teens:

The age when your child loves to have friends over and go out – then come in past curfew making just enough noise to wake you up. Now, not only is your sleep important, but theirs is as well – studies show students who get restful sleep have a higher percentage of having a better focus ability, and higher grades.

Advice for Moms: Start rewarding your kids when they come home on time, letting them know that you appreciate their thoughtfulness in not waking the house up. This will appeal to not only their need for allowance, but make them feel good to have helped you out.

Mothers of Kids Away From Home:

You did it. Raised your child with love and taught them all you know – now is the time to treat yourself with all the sleep you missed out on through the years. As we age, our bodies become more dependent on our choices. Sleep improves our immune system, respiratory system, blood pressure, aches and pains, and overall health! Did you know: women going through menopause have been linked with insomnia and night sweats?

Advice for Moms: Treat yourself with a new mattress that caters to your needs. Cooling technology in mattresses has helped many women sleep better during hormonal changes. Exercise to help your body feel rested when you lay in bed.

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