Is the Gender Sleep Gap Real?

women not being able to sleep

A good night’s sleep sets you up for the day ahead of you. Waking up feeling rested and recharged can allow you to tackle whatever the day has in store for you. But if you find yourself not getting the adequate sleep that is necessary, you may feel groggy or tired throughout the day. Getting inadequate sleep can have negative effects on your memory development, immune system function and several other things. Your entire body relies on getting the right amount of sleep at night, however a large portion of our population isn’t getting the necessary amount of sleep, and that’s where the gender sleep gap comes into play.

According to a 2019 UK-based survey, women are getting up to three hours less sleep a night then men, with around half of them reporting feeling sleep deprived continuously. Why is this the case, you might ask? It’s difficult to narrow down the exact cause of why women get less sleep than men, however experts agree that a combination of environmental, genetic and physiological factors are what drives the difference.

Changing up a women’s sleep environment can have a huge impact on the sleep gap. As we’ve said before, your mattress is the most important piece of furniture that you will own, so it is important that it’s comfortable and suits you properly. Allen Platek, the vice president of new product development at Tempur-Peidc says “There are studies that have been done that show replacing an old mattress with another one improves the quality of a person’s sleep by 10 or 15%,”. Another big indicator is making sure that the temperature in your sleeping environment is correct.  The TEMPUR-breeze° temperature-adaptive mattresses and pillows are a great line of products that are cool to the touch when you first lie down, as well as stay cool throughout the night.

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