How To Score the Perfect Mattress


This is Sleep Center, powered by Sleep Outfitters, the Official Sleep Provider of UK Athletics and the best mattress shopping experience near you. Your hosts UK Coach John Calipari and Sleep Outfitters founder Kim Knopf are here to bring you all the latest snooze news and sleep tips, helping you sleep like a champion.

Entering our third year of partnership with University of Kentucky and The Calipari Foundation, we're more committed than ever to delivering better sleep to our customers and fans. Quality sleep is vital, as important to a healthy life as diet and exercise. And it all starts by picking the right mattress for your needs. Luckily, our exclusive Sleep Assessment makes it simple by properly fitting you with a sleep solution.

  • Checking your phone in bed, and its artificial light, disrupts sleep. Put it down!
  • Snoring keeps your partner awake. Try an adjustable base!
  • Yawn violation! You're not getting the 7-9 hours of sleep you need.
  • Stop at the whistle! Put away your work when it's time to sleep.


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