Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Size Guide

May 1, 2010

Perhaps the first step in your mattress-buying journey will be determining which size best suits your space and needs. Are you currently sleeping on a bed that is too small? Are you moving into a new living situation or moving in with a loved one? Are you outfitting a guest bedroom? A children’s bedroom? There are many considerations, from room space to budget to personal preference, but thankfully, with a full understanding of the different sizes, you’ll be able to narrow down your options considerably right off the bat.

(Please note that specific mattress sizes may vary by manufacturer.)

Twin Mattress: 39” X 74”

As the smallest standard mattress size, twin or “single” mattresses are perfect for a child’s bedroom. You can also use them for day beds and bunk beds as well. Possibly too short for an adult, a twin mattress can be a practical solution in tight living spaces or guest bedrooms.

Full Mattress: 54” X 74”

Ideal for one adult, a full or “double” mattress provides greater width. Keep in mind that if two people are sleeping on a full mattress, there would only be 27 inches of sleeping space—equal to a crib’s width. Those over 5’5” tall may have difficulties with the length of the mattress.

Queen Mattress: 60” X 80”

The most popular mattress size sold, a queen mattress, affords additional space to sleepers. If you don’t have enough room in the master for a king, a queen is an excellent choice. A queen is also great for guest rooms and single sleepers who like to sprawl when they sleep. For two sleepers, each person would have 9” less than they would alone on a twin mattress.

King Mattress: 76” X 80”

The extra width can mean a lot to sleepers. Two people can have considerable space with a king or “eastern/standard king” mattress, which can help with a good night of sleep. If there is enough room for a king-size mattress, it is the mattress of choice for households with its maximum personal sleeping space.

Specialty Mattress Sizes

Outside of these standards, there are, of course, some additional options:

Crib Mattress: 27” X 52”

With some flexibility in bed dimensions, this size is designed for babies and very young children.

Twin XL Mattress: 39” X 80”

Taller solo sleepers rejoice! An added 5” in the length of a mattress can make a big difference. It is half the size of a king, and two would be needed for a split king. Mattress shoppers looking for the perfect dorm room mattress could find their fit here.

Full XL Mattress: 54” X 80”

Like the twin-XL, the full-XL mattress adds an extra 5” in length. Taller sleepers can enjoy the added room without jumping to the queen mattress size, which adds 6” in width.

California King Mattress: 72” X 84”

As the longest mattress on the market – other than custom-designed options – the California King or “Western King” mattress is perfect for large adults and couples who want the most legroom possible. A popular misconception is that the California King is “bigger” than a king, when in fact, It is 4” narrower and 4” longer.

Got your size in mind, or still need some guidance? Visit any of our Sleep Outfitters locations as well as our online catalog to explore all your options!

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