Tempurpedic mattress on an adjustable base.

Great News About Adjustable Bases

May 25, 2018

Adjustable bases are the big thing in the mattress business these days. Moving your body into a zero-gravity position, or one that puts the least load on your body’s pressure points, allows for the most restful sleep. Restorative sleep has a wealth of benefits, as we’ve outlined in our previous blogs, and lack of sleep has serious negative effects on your health. The optimal sleeping position for your body should also help relieve any joint pain and reduce snoring. Even knowing all of these great benefits, I was hesitant to purchase an adjustable base. Why? I didn’t want to have to buy a new bed as well. It wasn’t until a Sleep Outfitters sales associate explained to me that adjustable foundations are made to fit into existing beds. Beds are made to be wider than mattresses and foundations to also allow for bedding. For an adjustable base to fit into most beds, all that would be needed is to remove any center support rails or slats.

What if the bed frame is lower than the adjustable base?

Most adjustable bases have adjustable legs as well. Some of our newest models have legs that adjust in 3-inch increments.

What if it’s a platform bed?

The legs of most adjustable bases come off and sit directly on the platform.

What if I just have a metal bedframe with a headboard attached?

The side rails would serve the purpose of supporting your headboard, and that’s about it.

What kind of sheets could I use on a split foundation?

We sell sheets that are made for split foundations. There are two fitted sheets and one flat sheet in the set.

I was relieved and amazed that adjustable foundations were so flexible, no pun intended. I could keep my adjustable base, and it would work with any décor that I would want down the road. Also, I would not need to keep purchasing an adjustable base whenever I purchased a new mattress unless I wanted an upgrade.

So this Memorial Day weekend, know that the great deals you see for adjustable bases are even greater because you don’t have to buy a brand new bed, too!

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