Let’s get aligned on sleep positions

The right solution for how you sleep

Some people sleep on their sides, all curled up. Some sleep on their backs, all spread out. Still others sleep on their stomachs. And then there are those who sleep every which way. However you sleep, you need a solution that's designed to give you the support and comfort you deserve. Scroll down to find your sleep position… 

Side sleeper


It's the most popular position but it can create pressure points at your hip and shoulder. You would probably benefit most from a soft to medium feeling mattress that provides support without being too dense or firm. 

Stomach sleeper


You are the rarest of sleepers and also prone to lower back and neck pain. A firmer feeling mattress may be best to keep your core properly supported.

Back sleeper


Because your body stays in neutral alignment you can choose whatever mattress feels best to you. Just make sure it has enough "give" to contour to your natural lumbar curve.

Have questions - we have answers

We know that shopping for a mattress can be confusing. Who knows what style or brand is best for you? We do! Our trained Outfitters are standing by, ready to answer all your questions and outfit you with a customized sleep solution.

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