Hey Alabama!

Exciting changes are coming.

"I opened my first Mattress Warehouse in West Virginia 33 years ago. A lot has changed since then. Today, we operate more than 155 stores in six states. What hasn't changed is my belief that good sleep is as important as diet and exercise for good health. That's why we're changing the name of our Alabama stores to Sleep Outfitters- a name that better describes what we do. We all sleep. Why not sleep well? Sleep Outfitters - outfitting you for a healthy life."

- Kim Knopf, Founder & CEO
  • 1983

  • Kim Brown Knopf founded iMS in 1983 in South Charleston, WV with the opening of her first store called Mattress Warehouse.

  • 1989
  • Mattress King was founded with a single store in 1989 in Huntsville, Alabama by Wayne & Kay Koswoski

  • 2012
  • Wayne Koswoski, "The Mattress King," is retiring his crown

    After 23 years in business, owners Wayne & Kay were thinking about retirement. Then an offer to purchase Mattress King came along from iMS

  • 2016
  • Kim Knopf knew that sooner or later she would have to decide on one name for all her company's stores. So, Mattress King is changing its name to Sleep Outfitters