A great night’s sleep takes more than just a mattress

Complete solutions, total bliss

At Sleep Outfitters, we are about more than just mattresses. We outfit you with a complete, customized solution for head-to-toe comfort. We’ll help you choose all the right ingredients and make sure that they all work together to give you your best night’s sleep.


You need a proper pillow (think of it as a bed for your head), a good mattress protector (to keep your mattress feeling and looking like new), and the right sheets (it's more than just thread count that counts). The right foundation or base provides solid support and can help alleviate snoring, sleep apnea and mobility issues. All chosen to enhance the perfect mattress selected for your individual sleep needs. Before you know it, you'll be outfitted for your best sleep ever.



Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper or some of all of them, we've got the finest brands and the latest technologies to fit your body and your budget perfectly. 

Mattress Protectors


Mattress Protectors. The unsung heroes of sleep! The right protector can help keep you cool by being breathable and moisture wicking, guard against pesky allergens, protect your investment from spills and stains, and protect the materials in your mattress to reduce the risk of sagging, keeping it as good as new.



Flat and fitted, fancy or functional, sheets play an important role in good sleep. The right sheets can help with temperature regulation, conform to an adjustable bed without popping off, and feel luxurious against your skin.



Your pillow is 20% of your sleep surface so it’s important to choose the right bed for your head. Side, back and stomach sleepers all need different levels of support and cushion. There are even pillows that can keep you cool all night!

Adjustable Bases


Elevate your sleep with an adjustable base! Ideal for anyone who likes to read or watch TV in bed, plus they can help with snoring, circulation, spinal alignment, mobility and other health issues.

Have questions - we have answers

We know that shopping for a mattress can be confusing. Who knows what style or brand is best for you? We do! Our trained Outfitters are standing by, ready to answer all your questions and outfit you with a customized sleep solution.

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