There will be an adjustment period with your new mattress as your body needs time to adjust to a new sleep surface. Your new mattress could be a different style that requires getting used to, or your old mattress could have lost support over the years. In this case, your body is not accustomed to the proper support your new mattress provides. You might wake up sore as your body adapts to being in a more natural alignment, much like a person being sore after exercising for the first time in a while.

Your new mattress will not immediately feel like the showroom model as it requires at least 30 nights to break-in. Like breaking in a new pair of shoes, the foams within the mattress need time to conform to you. Over time, the layers of foam will soften and adjust to adapt to your body.

Your new mattress has begun to break-in, providing proper support and pressure relief. Although you may experience some growing pains, just remember it will be worth the wait – you chose that mattress for a reason. Your new mattress will continue to conform to your body resulting in deep, restful, pain-free sleep.


Mattress pads and mattress toppers create a barrier between you and your mattress, hindering the mattress' ability to conform and respond to your body. This can affect the way the mattress supports you, as well as preventing the mattress from breaking in. We do, however, recommend using a mattress protector. Our waterproof mattress protectors are completely breathable, yet waterproof to keep your mattress stain-free and in a newer shape longer. Additionally, they are thin so as not to change the feel of your mattress.

Although many platform beds are designed to work without a foundation, this can potentially change the feel of your mattress. Because certain foundations have some flexibility to them - designed to move up and down as weight is applied to them to absorb wear and tear - a mattress on a platform bed might feel firmer to you.

Using your new mattress on an existing foundation or boxspring can not only change the feel of the mattress, but also affect its support. Mattresses are designed to work with their specific foundation (or on an adjustable base), and not all foundations are constructed the same. Sleeping on the mattress supported by a different foundation or boxspring could cause the mattress to feel softer or firmer than when you tried it in the store.

A pillow helps support your upper body and should keep your spine naturally aligned while laying down. Using a pillow that causes your head and neck to bend excessively far upwards or downwards can lead to neck and back pain, including lower back. Based on your sleeping position and mattress (how far you sink into it, etc.), your body should be in a relaxed, natural position with your pillow. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause your entire body to be out of alignment.

Using sheets that do not stretch enough can hinder sinking into your mattress. This can also prevent the mattress from conforming to your body better and result in your mattress feeling firmer.

As good as climbing into a cool mattress feels, in some instances the coolness from your mattress protector can alter the feel of your mattress – specifically with memory foam and Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Because memory foam responds to body weight and shape, a cooling mattress protector can cause the foam to be firmer, at least initially. This is especially true with Tempur-Pedic as TEMPUR material is also temperature sensitive.

Though it is best to sleep in a room as cool as possible, the cooler temperature can affect the feel of your mattress. The foams in the mattress will begin to soften as your body heat warms them up, but the mattress can feel firmer when you first lay down. With Tempur-Pedic mattresses, since they are also responsive to room temperature, having a colder bedroom can cause the mattress to feel firmer longer.

While the layers of foam in your new mattress require a break-in period, your body needs time to adjust to a new sleep surface also. Whether you are changing to a different type of mattress, a different comfort level, or the mattress feels firmer because it is new, you must give your body time to get used to a new mattress. Additionally, if you were not getting the proper support from your previous mattress, your body is not accustomed to being naturally aligned. Though it can take some time for your body to adjust, a new mattress will ultimately provide the comfort and support you need.

"At first it seemed a little too firm but as the break-in time has passed it has become more and more to our liking. PS - get a quality pillow."
"My back hurt from sleeping on my new mattress and I was torn whether I should return it or not. Now I have owned this mattress for about 4 months and either I or the mattress have adjusted. No more pain, and a wonderful night's rest."
"As a Soldier I have destroyed my body throughout my career and was extremely reluctant to spend money on a product that doesn't provide me the support and comfort I need. I will admit when I first bought it I wasn't happy, but after a few weeks I'm glad I didn't return the bed."
"At first we thought it might be too firm, but after a few days the pain was gone. Our sleep has definitely improved greatly."
"I will admit this mattress took some getting used to because we were so used to mattresses that were either too soft or somewhere in between, but I have really fallen in love with it."
"The first night we were worried it was too firm. NO, IT IS PERFECT! We just needed to get used to it."


You can exchange your mattress purchase one time after the original purchase, within 120 days of purchase, for a new mattress of equal or greater value, provided you have slept on it a minimum of 30 nights, have completed our comfort concern questionnaire, and have kept it in like-new condition by using a mattress protector purchased at the same time as the mattress purchase, from Sleep Outfitters. Payment of a $99 fee is required before the exchange can be completed. You may not return products purchased. You may not exchange goods obtained as a warranty replacement or purchased “as is”, such as floor models or outlet products. Specialty sizes such as Split King, California King, and Split California King are not eligible for exchange under the 120-night comfort promise. Also, adjustable foundations, pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets are not eligible for exchange under the comfort promise. Upon exchange the guest will be responsible for the full retail amount for any gift with purchase (GWP) offered at time of sale. The invoice amount of GWP is not reflective of the actual retail value of the product. This includes special offers, soft goods, and promotional items.

All foundations are eligible for exchange within 30 days of purchase. Post 30 days any support related issue would fall under the manufacturer's warranty guidelines. An exchange of size from regular to low profile or split will require a re-delivery charge of $79.99

Due to the nature of adjustable bases and platforms they are not eligible for the 120 night comfort promise and are considered final sales upon accepted pick up or delivery

Due to the intimate nature of pillows they are not eligible for exchange "or return" once opened.

Due to the intimate nature of protectors they are not eligible for exchange "or return" once opened.

Due to the intimate nature of sheets they are not eligible for exchange "or return" once opened.


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