Wash Your Sheets

wash your sheets

Spring is right around the corner and since your New Year’s Resolution list included keeping the house clean (kind of), it’s important to hit refresh on your goals. From a college student’s perspective, spring cleaning isn’t really my jam. I cut like it’s my job when it comes to a deep clean, but one thing I am sure not to skip out on is washing my sheets. Here’s why, according to Symptom Find:

Sheets are secretly filthy…

Overtime, your sheets build up dust mites which feed off of dead skin cells. You heard me right, folks. DEAD SKIN CELLS! Combine those little rascals with oil, sweat, bodily fluids and crumbs from your late night snack and your sheets are crawling with all kinds of microbes just waiting to trigger your allergies and weaken your immune system. So how do you get rid of that army of germs?

Wash your sheets, and wash them often…

While washing your sheets weekly might only be for the overachievers, on average you should be cleaning them biweekly. And if you or someone else who has been in your bed gets sick, DEFINITELY wash your sheets. Otherwise, that illness will stick around and come back to haunt you when you least expect it. 

But don’t just stop at your sheets…

Everything you use to get snuggly needs a good cleanse! That includes sheets, blankets, comforters/bedspreads, quilts and your pillowcases/pillows! Each of these have varying cleaning and care instructions, so be sure to reference the tag before going all Mr. Clean on your bedding.

At Sleep Outfitters, your sleep is our priority, and that doesn’t stop at finding the perfect mattress. We want you to sleep healthy and happy all year round! So wash those sheets and you’ll be sleeping like a champion in no time!


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