Tips for Improving Back Problems

back problems

You can get a quick and clear answer on most problems online. From the best laptop or television to the best recipe for lasagna, it’s easy to get the solution without too much trouble. But the best mattress for back problems? It isn’t the same story!

Health issues of any kind are sensitive matters with your sleep quality. With the right mattress for your needs, you can find comfort and relief when you need it most. If you are able to find the best mattress for back problems that you have, you can improve your sleep – as well as the problem itself, possibly.

There may not be a simple solution in this discussion, but there are some steps you can take to make the right decision. Follow us as we examine some tips that can make all the difference!

The Best Mattresses for Back Problems – 3 Tips

Here are some of our best tips for locating the best mattress for back problems – and your specific needs:

  1. Talk to Your Doctor: Your specific back problem can command a much different approach than another back problem, or any health issue for that matter. Start a conversation with your doctor about your supportive needs in a mattress, any challenges you have, and any directions you should be leaning in terms of a mattress.
  2. Try Out Mattresses: This is a must for any mattress shopper. But when you’re dealing with something that causes you so much pain (your back problem), and a solution that could offer valuable relief from that pain (a new mattress), it’s a no-brainer. This is a personal purchase – much different than a laptop or television, you have to spend time with it to gauge if it will suit you!
  3. Talk to Us: We aren’t health experts, but we know a lot about mattresses! Our sleep experts can help you watch out for certain things you need in a mattress, such as the ability to recline and required levels of support. We will help you find the best mattress for back problems that you may be dealing with – we love helping our customers find that perfect solution!

We Have Proof!

There is a success story that we are proud to have at Sleep Outfitters, where our founder Kim Knopf helped a customer suffering from paralysis from an early age in her search for a new mattress. Take a moment to read the story here.

Rosemarie Rosetti’s story is a touching one, and something that all of us strive to follow in how we help our customers. Debilitating injuries, varying back problems, and any other health issues or special needs alike, we want to give our customers the best mattress for their needs. The impact it can make – as it is clearly seen in Rosemarie’s case – is considerable.

Don’t lose hope in the face of back pain or another type of condition that lowers the quality of your sleep. We take our job very seriously, and will do what it takes to find you the mattress that can give you a comfortable night’s sleep. If it takes two or three mattresses – then that’s what we’ll do to find you something to fit your needs (part of our 120 Day/Night Promises**).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Find your local Sleep Outfitters mattress store to start a conversation that could help you find the best mattress for back problems – whatever you may be dealing with on an everyday basis!