The Perfect Pillow!

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Believe it or not, the type of pillow or pillows that you sleep with every night can really affect the quality of sleep that you are getting. While it may not be something that would initially come to mind when thinking about getting the right mattress for you, choosing the right pillow is almost as important.

If the pillow you are sleeping on every night is worn out, folds and scrunches up when you’re using it, it is probably time to invest in a newer pillow that will complement your mattress.  By using the pillow that is best suited for you, your shoulders and neck will have the sufficient support they need. Without this support, or with an incorrect head position, your spine and body can get out of alignment therefor causing discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders as well as sleeplessness.  Here are a few guidelines to follow when selecting a new pillow:


Pillow Size

Most people find that a standard-size pillow is sufficiently big enough, however if you are someone that prefers a larger pillow, there are some additional options out there for you. Just be sure that you are keeping your shoulders, neck and head aligned with your spine. Additionally, trying to stuff a larger pillow into an undersized pillowcase is not recommended, and letting a standard size pillow live in a larger pillow case is not recommended either.


Sleep Position

The position that you sleep in also effects the type of pillow that you should purchase. If you are someone that sleeps on your back, it is recommended to go for a pillow that is slightly flat, and that will properly keep your neck aligned while sleeping. If you sleep on your stomach, try to go for a pillow that is a bit softer or even no pillow at all. And finally, if you are a side sleeper, using a pillow that is slightly firmer and thicker is best. Choose one that is as thick as the distance between your ear and the outside of your shoulder.


Pillow Fill

There are several different options for the fill of pillows, all have different benefits depending on the individuals needs. One of the most popular types of pillows is a down pillow. This type of pillow is soft and light, usually made of either duck or goose fibers.

There are also Wool pillows, which are hypo-allergenic, and are usually pretty firm and last for longer periods of time. Cotton pillows are fairly similar to wool pillows, in that they are also hypo-allergenic and run on the firm side. Both wool and cotton pillows are good for those who may have allergies or other sensitivities.

Memory Foam pillows are also extremely common. These types of pillows adapt to your individual shape, responding to your movements throughout the night. They are also known for equally distributing your weight throughout the surface of the pillow. If you are someone that experiences neck or back pain, choosing a memory foam pillow is a great option for you.



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