Take Sleep to Heart

 girl holding heart balloon

February is American Heart Month, which makes this a perfect time to focus on preventing heart disease. Heart disease can happen at any age, and it is the leading cause of death in the United States The good news is, most risk factors for heart disease can be prevented.

Here are some risk factors for heart disease:

  • High blood pressure. This condition affects millions of Americans, and most are in their 40s and 50s. Getting your blood pressure under control is crucial.
  • High blood cholesterol. Many factors can lead to high blood cholesterol like lack of physical activity, poor diet, and smoking.
  • Smoking. Smoking comes with a whole host of health issues, but the concern for heart disease is the damage it does to blood vessels.
  • Obesity. Carrying extra weight puts unnecessary stress on your heart.
  • Diabetes. Excess sugar in your blood can damage blood vessels and nerves that control the heart muscle.
  • Physical inactivity. Exercise strengthens your heart muscle and keeps it healthy, whether its aerobic or anaerobic activity.
  • Unhealthy eating patterns. Sodium is the culprit for high blood pressure for most Americans. Diets high in trans-fat, saturated fat, and sugar also increase your risk for heart disease.

How to Prevent Heart Disease

Sleep is essential for a healthy heart. People who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Regardless of if you exercise, eat right, and don’t smoke, if you’re not getting enough sleep, or you’re sleeping too much, you are putting yourself at risk for heart disease. By not letting your body repair itself at night and relaxing while sleeping, your heart has to work overtime.

Adding an adjustable base to your mattress can promote better heart health as well. From helping treat sleep apnea to improving circulation, the health benefits of an adjustable base should be taken to heart (excuse the pun). It’s easy to add an adjustable base to your existing mattress, and more affordable than you might think.






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