Stay Cool While Sleeping

sleeping cool

Many parts of the world are experiencing heat waves, and for the first time many people are having trouble sleeping because it is just too hot. Research has shown that there seems to be an ideal temperature for sleep and when this temperature is very high, it takes longer to fall asleep, and once sleep is achieved, it is broken up or fragmented and there is less dreaming. You shouldn’t have to take to drastic measures such as, placing a bowl of ice in front of your bedroom fan. Or, wearing cold wet socks to drop your body temperature.

What you can do to beat the heat:

Look into finding a new mattress, not just any mattress, one that has technology to help you sleep cooler. Lucky for you, we have the Sealy Optimum with OptiCool Gel Memory Foam. The Optimum® difference can be felt from the very first touch. OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam is noticeably cooler because it's the only memory foam on the market to be fused with OUTLAST® Gold material, which is 12 times more effective at removing excess heat. The result is a mattress that stays cooler while you fall asleep, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.It also features an airflow base, allowing heat to disperse and air to flow through without heating the mattress. Pretty neat, right?


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