Spring Cleaning for College Bums

girl on bed studying

The madness of March has finally ended and you’re starting to notice a buildup of filth has permeated in your dorm over the Fall semester. While you would much rather take endless naps in the corner of your bed that doesn’t have empty pizza boxes on it, you know there is only one choice: Spring Cleaning.

While the concept sounds scary, especially for the typical college bum who has waited as long as possible to tackle the beast that is laundry, I am here to offer you some tips on why it is absolutely necessary.

Your pores are getting clogged with unspeakable bacteria

When you don’t wash your sheets and bedding, you don’t even want to know the tiny microbes that are crawling around on your skin. DISGUSTING. If you do nothing else to shake off the winter blues and hit refresh on your dorm, you must must must WASH YOUR SHEETS. More details on that here.

Dorm life can get boring, freshen it up with a new aesthetic

While you’re throwing away empty bottles and chip bags, why not give your dorm a whole new aesthetic? A fresh perspective on your room could be the key to sparking your motivation on the rest of the semester! Rearrange a few pieces of furniture, grab a new bedspread and a few decorative pillows and you’ll be sleeping in a whole new world.

A clean bed is a better night’s sleep

Speaking of whole new world, how many times can you say you’ve slept well when you’re in a messy bed? Unwashed sheets, crumbs from your late-night snacks and a mattress that let’s face it, isn’t doing your back justice. You are guaranteed to sleep better when you’re sleeping fresh and clean. If your dorm bed has been lacking in the comfort department, mattress toppers are a great way to get added relaxation! 

So, whether your dorm needs a new look or if you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired, I would 10/10 recommend using our Sleep Outfitters Tips for Spring Cleaning. Not only will you sleep better, you’ll feel better in the long run. 


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