Sleep to Boost Immune System

father and son sick in bed

Fall is officially here, the days will be shorter with less light, and you know everyone in the office, your child, or spouse will at some point catch a bug. Here is how to prepare your body’s immune system with an easy fix: Sleep.

Researchers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom found sleep loss triggers the production of white blood cells, known as granulocytes, particularly at night.

In conducting the study, the researchers tracked the white blood cell count of 15 healthy adults who followed a strict schedule of eight hours of sleep every day for a week, then compared that with their white blood cell counts during 29 hours of sleep deprivation

The investigators found that the white blood cells showed a loss of day-night rhythmicity and also increased during the sleep deprivation.

Previous studies have shown sleep deprivation is linked to the development of diseases, including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Prior research has also suggested that chronic sleep loss is a risk factor for impairment of the immune system.

This information proves just how important sleep really is to our overall health. Do you have the right mattress to get you the sleep you really need? Let us help you find the perfect mattress, that addresses your needs and guarantees the best night’s rest.


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