Sleep Tips for Traveling with Kids

Girl sleeping on beach chair

Getting ready for that summer vacation, but worried that your children may have trouble sticking to their sleep schedule? Traveling can be stressful enough, with having to plan out every detail of a trip. But add in the concern of making sure your children can get enough sleep can really put a damper on your vacation mode. Here are a few tricks that will help make it a little easier when traveling and trying to get your kids to sleep.

Plan for Sleeping Arrangements

While you are on vacation, odds are that everyone will not have their own room or have the same room layout as they would at home. This can definitely cause some issues for sleeping. If you are staying in a hotel with only one main room, don’t fret! Get creative and brainstorm some ways that you can have a cot or crib as far away from you as possible. This could mean in a bathroom or in a hallway. You could even rearrange some of the hotel furniture, to ensure that everyone is comfortable with their sleeping situations.

If you are able to splurge and get a space with multiple bedrooms, this is even better! You can still ensure that your child is sleeping close to you, but also be able to enjoy your night. Things will be a lot less crowded this way, and probably let you relax a little bit more when the kids are off to bed.

Don’t Forget Nap Time

Sometimes the last thing that vacationers want to do is go back to where they are staying, and lay the kids down to take a nap. It can put a damper on all of the fun activities planned for your vacation. With that being said, incorporating even a shorter nap time than normal can really help avoid a meltdown later on in the day. Whether it’s getting a little shut eye in a stroller, on a beach chair, or in the car, it helps to allow your child some down time, so they can be ready to stay awake for the rest of the day’s activities ahead.

If you do have to skip nap time for whatever reason, that’s okay! Try to compensate the night before by putting your child to sleep a little earlier, and the following morning by letting them sleep in later.

Relax and Have Fun

You are on vacation, after all. While it may feel like you always should stick to the same schedule, it is okay to break the rules sometimes and let the kids stay up later with you. Don’t stress out about sticking with the strict sleep habits your entire trip, it’s a battle that you probably won’t win. Give your kids some credit; they’re pretty tough and will survive if they miss a few naps and have a later bed time than normal! Enjoy your time away from home, and try to relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones.




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