Sleep Tips for Mothers-to-Be

pregnant woman sleeping

Expecting? Whether you are in the early days or eagerly counting down to your due date, congratulations! While everyone’s pregnancy is different, one thing that is pretty consistent is difficulty sleeping, especially in the third trimester.

Team no sleep, already

Insomnia and pain are common in the third trimester for many reasons. For one, you may be up more frequently for trips to the bathroom. Or, your aches and pains from the physical change that your body is going through may make it more and more difficult to fall asleep. People may tease that this is just nature’s way of preparing you for when the baby is here, but that’s not helpful when sleep is eluding you.

Tips for sleeping while pregnant

Your doctor may encourage you to sleep on your side instead of on your back or stomach. Sleeping on your left side will promote blood flow to your baby. Stretch your legs before going to bed to reduce leg cramping throughout the night. Use extra pillows between your knees to help with hip pain and under your upper body to help with nighttime heartburn.

Best type of mattresses for mothers-to-be

Any mattress meant for side sleepers is ideal for expectant mothers. Memory foam mattresses are great for pregnant women, especially as your body changes and your weight increases as the memory foam helps relieve pressure points. Memory foam absorbs motion transfer as well, so any movement throughout the night won’t wake you or your sleep partner.

Another feature to look for in any mattress would be cooling material. Pregnancy can cause you to sleep hot due to changes in hormones, and cooling material in a mattress, mattress protector, and pillow will help keep you cool through the night and to achieve optimum sleep.

Take it one step further and add an adjustable base to your memory foam mattress. Adjustable bases may allow you to still sleep on your back while pregnant as long as your doctor approves. Being able to adjust your head and feet to achieve a zero-gravity feeling will provide great relief for your joints as well as promote circulation.




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