Sleep Strategies for Black Friday!

black friday

Black Friday is here! While for many, that means waking up at the crack of dawn (or even earlier) to get to your favorite shopping retailer for deals that may only be around once a year. In this case, your sleep can definitely be compromised. Add in a day full of eating, drinking, and mingling with family the day prior and you’re looking at two days of compromised rest. But just because the holidays are here, doesn’t mean your sleep schedule needs to drastically change.

Odds are you are already exhausted from Thanksgiving Day, and the last thing that you may want to do is wake up early to go and shop, surrounded by hundreds of strangers all moving at a fast pace to score a deal that will probably still be available in a few hours. If you don’t have to work on Black Friday, maybe consider skipping out on the shopping and sleeping in a bit. You don’t have to spend your day off shopping! Use this extra time away from work to catch up on sleep or spend more time with family.

If you must shop, allow yourself some time that day to take a nap. Even if it is for a short amount of time, you will need to catch up on that missed couple of hours. If you find yourself tempted to head out shopping and you’re sleep deprived, think again. When you’re sleep deprived, you more likely to make rash decisions. Get that extra couple of hours of sleep, you may thank us later.

Luckily in the world we live in, there is a thing called Cyber Monday! Even if you can’t wait until Monday to score all the deals, almost all retailers also have Black Friday deals occurring on their website. There’s no shame in being able to shop in the comfort of your own home, in your PJs. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping from Sleep Outfitters!



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