Sleep Keeps Football Players at Best

When you think of fall, what naturally comes to mind? It’s football season, and we love to watch the players who have turned the sport into a career! NFL players work tirelessly to dedicate their lives to the one sport most Americans devote 3-4 days out of their week to watching. But how do they train, promote and gain an advantage over their opponent come game day?

According to an article posted by Jenny Vrentas’ with The MMQB, NFL players will go to great lengths to get a winning edge over their opponent. Medical professionals and coaches all recommend the best natural-performance enhancer in the game: sleep! Teams all across the league are taking extra steps to ensure their players get the recommended sleep to be on their A-game.

 At least a dozen teams in the NFL have taken major strides in ensuring their players protect their multi-million-dollar investments by implementing mandatory sleep routines. The benefits have proven to be outstanding, with players logging anywhere from 8-10 hours of sleep per night. If NFL stars can find time in their busy schedules to get enough sleep, so can you!

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