Sleep Deprived College Students

college student studying on grass

It’s no secret that college students tend to skimp on sleep to squeeze the most out of 24 hours. But this generation is different, and researchers are increasingly focusing on college students because they are one of the most sleep-deprived populations. College students go to bed one to two hours later and sleep less per night on average compared to previous generations. As a result, 75% of undergraduates do not sleep enough to feel rested on five or more days per week, and 19% reported that sleep difficulties had an impact on academic performance in the past year. To add to these facts, over 25% of students declared complaints regarding their mattress being an issue.

The amount of sleep that a college student gets is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. Sleep plays a key role in helping students fix and consolidate memories, plus prevent decay of memories. Without sleep, people work harder and but don’t do as well.

Most kids need at least nine hours of sleep per night in order to function properly. After puberty, the body’s internal clock changes so that it is difficult for teens to fall asleep before 11pm. So even if a student falls asleep at eleven, they would need to sleep until at least 8am to get a full night's sleep. Considering the time at which most colleges in this country begin, those nine hours are clearly being cut short.

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