Sleep Comfortably During Cooler Months

bed with white comforter

While it’s taken temperatures a while to cool down this fall, we know it’s coming. Staying comfortable with temperatures that vary so much between bedtime and when your alarm goes off in the morning can be tricky, too. Prepare your bed and bedroom for cooler weather with these easy tips and products.

Layers are key

Dressing in layers is key for unpredictable fall weather, and it’s the same for your bed. Using a microfiber down comforter is great for year-round temperature regulation, but there may be times when you just need an extra blanket to achieve the warmth you’re looking for. Adding a blanket to the foot of your bed will add a nice décor touch, but also a functional touch. It’s not necessary to switch to flannel sheets just yet, but jersey or microfiber sheets can add a cozy touch without adding the warmth.

Let in some light

If you don’t need to be in your bedroom during the day, open your curtains and blinds to let the sun shine in. This will allow your bedroom to warm up a little for the cool night ahead. Shut the door to your bedroom if possible to keep the heat in for a little longer.

Don’t forget about pillows

The term “cooler than the flip side of my pillow” came about for a reason. Pillows can be used to keep you cool through the night, but they can also help bring the heat. Flannel pillowcases are a great way to warm up your pillow before using full flannel sheets.

Keep the fan

Air movement is great for restful sleep any time of the year. You can keep using your fan in the cooler months, but just reverse the direction of the blades and run it at a lower speed. This will gently draw the room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air down and towards the walls without blowing directly on you.

What tips do you use to sleep comfortably during the cooler months?


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