Sleep Better this Football Season

fans watching sporting event

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are getting crisper and we are all pushing our bedtimes back a few hours which can only mean one thing…football season has arrived! While you’re busy making tailgate plans and ensuring everything is in place for tradition’s sake, it is important not to forget one major key that will get you and your favorite teams through the best season of the year: SLEEP.

We’re not kidding! According to the National Sleep Foundation, getting good quality and a good amount of sleep is the key to competitive player performances. In an article posted to the NSF website, it was noted that less sleep increases the fatigue you feel upon waking, as well as low energy and lack of focus. It’s important for the players to be on their A-game, but it’s also important you get a good night’s sleep so you can cheer them to victory!

The best way to ensure you are refreshed and ready to go on game day is to sleep on a mattress that fits your comfort needs. Where better to find one than at your local Sleep Outfitters location? Not only do we care about the health of our athletes, but we care about the health of those rooting on their teams in the stands!  At Sleep Outfitters, we want you to sleep like a champion, cheer like a champion. 


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