Shorter Days and Schedule Changes

fall leaves

With the unofficial end of summer in the rearview, and the official end on the horizon, there’s a lot of change that’s bound to be happening. The change of seasons brings with it not just a weather change, but for most of us, it’s a schedule change. Especially when going from summer to fall, the shorter days can affect your nighttime routine.

With the natural light source extinguishing earlier, you may find yourself getting tired earlier than usual. Especially after Daylight Savings Time ends in November, the yawns can creep in earlier and earlier. And as evolved as humans are, there are still times that Mother Nature takes over. So, what can you do?

The obvious answer may be to turn on more lights as it gets dark outside. And while this is a quick solution, too much “fake” light can end up throwing off your circadian rhythms. Soft light from a lamp versus an overhead light is a good way to start balancing the growing darkness outside.

The sun setting earlier will also drive kids inside earlier, or the fact they’re back in school and have homework to do may keep them inside at night. Helping them keep to a nighttime schedule and routine isn’t just beneficial when they’re babies. Using the clock to signal when it’s time to do something instead of the amount of daylight will keep them on track through the fall and into the winter.

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, it is necessary to find things to do inside. As tempting as it is to veg out in front of a screen, the suggestions for screen time stay true no matter the date on the calendar. Too much exposure to TV and mobile device screens as the night goes on can affect your sleep and sleep quality. So, while it may be an easy solution for entertainment while cooped up inside, board games and reading may be more sleep-friendly entertainment.

Use these tips to ease into the new season, and rest well!


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