Rest up This Holiday Season

The holidays can be absolutely exhausting. From traveling, to housing guests, to attending numerous holiday parties, as well as an increase in spending, they can really tire you out. As much as we look forward to this time of year, it absolutely can take a toll on the type of sleep you are getting at night. Make sure you aren’t compromising your sleep quality this season with these tips and tricks.

Stick to a schedule

Sticking to your sleep routine is vital. But, during the holidays, your schedule can absolutely change depending on where you are traveling, or if your kids are waking you up at six in the morning to open presents from Santa. Try as best you can to stick to that sleep schedule, and more importantly listen to your body. If you are feeling tired or in need of a nap, take it. If you also are in need of a mental break from the holiday frenzy, take a breather and go for a walk. You will thank yourself later when you are trying to fall asleep that night, but can’t because your mind is racing.

Bring home with you

While traveling can be fun, it can also be exhausting. It can be difficult for many to get a quality night’s sleep when you aren’t sleeping in your own bed. As comfortable as a guest bed or a hotel bed may be, it’s not always the same as your bed at home. If you are in travel mode, try to bring something with you from home that may make it easier to fall asleep at night, whether that be your favorite pillow, blanket, pajamas or even a familiar scent.

Learn to say no

This tip extends itself to so many aspects of the holiday season. For one, don’t over-commit yourself in the month of December. It’s very easy to do as it seems that there is an event, party, or Santa to see every day. Work within your time budget, and know it’s okay to say “no”.

Saying no also applies to food and alcohol intake. Holiday weight gain happens to the best of us, but moderation is key to ensure you’re not over-doing it. Same goes for alcohol consumption. It’s tempting to have just one more, but even two drinks in a night can have negative effects on your sleep. As always, though, make sure you have a safe ride home when you’re planning on drinking any amount of alcohol any time of the year.

A little bit of planning will go a long way to lower your stress level this month, and also help to make this holiday season your most restful yet.




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