Prepare Your Guest Room for the Holidays

comfortable guest bed

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is in just two weeks! winter holiday season is filled with family, friends, and merry memories. If you are hosting guests at any point in the coming months, you may be eyeing your guest room and noticing it needs some TLC. For some, their guest room is only used during the holidays and they forget about it until it’s too late. Having a space for your traveling guests to call their “own” while in your home is always appreciated. Make sure that this space is one that you would want to spend time in, and the bed is one you would want to sleep on, too. Creating a comfortable and cozy space for your guests is not a difficult task, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Start with the bed

Try sleeping on your guest room mattress before your guests arrive, even if just for a cat nap. If you experience any discomfort, your guests probably will too. This would be a good indicator that it’s time for a new mattress. Also, odds are more than one person at a time will be sleeping in your guest room bed. A king-size bed is ideal for couples if you have the space. If not, try to go no smaller than a queen. The smaller the bed, the less comfortable it is for partners to share, resulting in less-than optimum sleep for your guests. If a new mattress is needed for your guest room, we currently have 18 models of Sealy mattresses that are on sale for the twin price, no matter what size you get.

Sheets, pillows, and blankets all add to the comfort of your mattress. Clean flannel or microfiber sheets will help your guests stay warm through the night. Evaluate your pillows and ask yourself if you would want to sleep on them. If the answer is no, invest in quality pillows that are ideal for side sleepers, as this is the most common sleep position. If the answer is yes, consider washing them in the washing machine if the material of the pillow allows. A cozy comforter is an inviting touch to any bed, and an extra blanket is handy for your guests if they get cold during the night.

Add amenities

Give your guests a space for their things, by adding a suitcase stand or even a dresser to your guest room. If there’s a closet in your guest room, clear out a space for your guests to hang their clothes, too. At least one nightstand adds a convenient place for your guests to empty their pockets and charge their electronics. If you have extra charging cords in your house, make those available to your guests. You can add a lamp, reading material, and even fresh flowers to the nightstand to make your guest room feel more like home. Provide towels and travel toiletries if possible to your guests either in the guest room, or in their designated bathroom. To really create a cozy environment, use a seasonal air freshener. Just make sure your guests don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to that smell.

Don’t add stress to your holidays by waiting until the last minute to prepare your guest room.



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