Practical Year-Long Gifts

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Everyone loves a box of chocolates. They taste delicious and are a decadent treat to enjoy. But they aren’t all that practical. Not only do chocolates add unwanted pounds to your waistline, but they typically disappear quickly, only to be soon forgotten.

While clothes may seem like a slightly more practical gift choice, this isn’t always the case either. Depending on who you are purchasing for, it can be hard to pick just the right sweater, shirt, or dress that someone else is sure to love. Perhaps that is why a 2008 survey by reports that clothing comprised about three-fourths of all gift returns.

Practical Gifts -- What Makes Them Practical?

Practical gifts stand out from other more whimsical gifts for a variety of different reasons. You know you are choosing a practical gift if it:

  1. Lasts for a long time
  2. Is used regularly
  3. Solves some type of problem
  4. Improves a person’s life
  5. Does not quickly go out of style

Giving a practical gift can make a lot of sense. Since practical gifts have a use, they are less likely to be returned, thrown away, or neglected on a shelf. They are also likely to be increasingly appreciated over time as people come to realize the everyday value of what they received.

If you are looking for something green, a practical gift is the way to go. Often made with recycled and reusable materials, green gifts embody the definition of practical.

5 Practical Gifts to Consider this Holiday Season

If you are convinced that giving a practical gift is the way to go, here are 5 ideas to consider.

  1. A water-resistant watch. Everyone needs to be able to tell the time and a nice water-resistant watch offers the perfect solution. Whether you are looking for something that goes with every day wear like a field watch, or something more rugged like a sports watch, there are plenty of choices and price points to consider which will meet any budget and style preference.
  2. A new mattress. As you probably already know, sound sleep is very important for a person’s overall health and well-being. What better gift to give than a brand new mattress by a leading mattress brand. With competitive financing options and free mattress delivery**, set up, and installation, a new mattress is an excellent practical gift for someone you love. This practical present is also a great option if you are pitching in with others to buy that exceptional something for a parent, sibling, or other special person.
  3. Gasoline gift cards. Does someone you love drive a lot for work or pleasure? A prepaid gas card can be a practical gift option sure to be enjoyed. These come in a variety of dollar amounts to suit any budget and are easy to find at gas stations, drug stores, and even supermarkets.
  4. Luggage. A well-made and easy to handle piece of luggage makes a wonderful gift for people of all ages. Teens can use sleek rolling luggage for a night over or a few weeks at summer camp. Those who have to travel for work will appreciate a bag that stores easily on planes. For the fashion conscious, you have plenty of options from which to choose in terms of fabric and design.
  5. Rain gear. While not always fun to buy for yourself, you can bet that some high quality rain gear will make even the pickiest on your gift list happy. Easier to size than ordinary clothing, you have a lot of options from which to choose including coats, hats, pants, gaiters, boots, hats, and more.

When it comes to practical gifts, you have a lot of options ranging in price from less than $10 to a thousand or more. Regardless of the practical gift you choose or how much you spend, you may find that buying a practical gift makes you feel better about spending your money. Practical gifts offer a lot of value and are sure to delight everyone on your list.


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