Night Waking Isn't Just For Kids

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While your child may have the occasional trouble sleeping through the night, it doesn’t mean that you should. For some people, waking up multiple times during the middle of the night, and taking a long time to fall back asleep each time, is all too common. These symptoms could be the result of something bigger than the occasional sleep disturbance. However, there are several tips and tricks to try that can aid in sleeping through the night more peacefully.

Think Before you Drink

The amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume during the day can absolutely have an affect on the type of sleep you will get that night. If you find yourself consuming large amounts of caffeine during the day, try and cut back a small amount at a time. Try to avoid consuming any type of caffeine after 2 pm, because caffeine can stay in your system for up to 6 hours. By avoiding caffeine at later times during the day, this will allow you to be able to unwind when it is time to go to bed.

In addition to caffeine, try to limit the amount of alcohol you consume before bed. Finish any alcohol about two hours before bedtime, because alcohol can negatively impact your REM sleep, which then results in restless tossing and turning.

Set a Schedule

Setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it can have a profound effect on the quality of sleep you get every night. If you are someone that has an irregular bed time, this could have something to do with why you are waking up numerous times during the night. Find a schedule that works for you and stick with it. Regulating this schedule will help your body to fall into a routine, aiding a more disturbance-free night’s sleep. The average adult needs 7-9 hours a night, so don’t sell yourself short on your health and get into bed at a decent time!


Are you someone that is constantly scrolling through your phone before you fall asleep? This could influence the quality of sleep you are getting every night. The blue light emitting from that tiny screen may be stimulating your brain which in turn disrupts your sleep schedule.  Try to unplug from all your devices before you fall asleep. Read a book, take a bath, meditate or listen to some music to make yourself feel sleepy before bedtime.

Get a Sleep Study

While there are tons of at-home remedies for adult night waking, there are some things that may not be able to be fixed by themselves. If you have tried everything you can think of to sleep through the night and nothing seems to be working, consider getting a sleep study. Insomnia is a major contributor to mental health issues such as anxiety and affects your physical health. If you have insomnia, your mental and physical health issues will not improve until you can fall asleep.



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