New Beginnings

bride and groom

You said yes, found your dress, planned it all out, down to the dinnerware for your reception…now what? You excitedly await the day to say, “I do.”.  You’ve probably already completed your registry if you are finished with the above, but, did you remember to look for a new mattress together? Read on to find out why a mattress should be first on your registry!

A clean slate to start together.

Did you know that the average mattress almost doubles in weight over it’s lifetime (average 8 years), accumulating mites and sweat. Most people don’t think twice about a hand-me-down mattress or doubling up on a partner’s mattress after moving in together, but the truth is in the bedding (literally), so go pick out a mattress together. This will ensure you are both happy in the long run, and, you won’t be worrying about what is in the mattress while you are on it.

It will last.

Who wants to give a present that will only be used a few times, and then tossed out or re-gifted to another person? Nobody. If someone buys you a gift, they want to be sure it is one you will enjoy for years to come.

It will save you money.

Think about it: you pay large amounts of money for televisions, cars, furniture… all of which you only spend a fraction of your day using. A bed is a place the average human spends a total of 25 years of their life in! Pretty crazy when you put it into perspective. When adding a mattress to your registry, family and friends can put money towards it, lowering your final price!

You will be needing one soon anyway.

If you don’t ask for a mattress as a wedding gift, think about a few years down the road. You will be purchasing one anyway, as the one you currently use is most likely on its last leg, you may be purchasing for a larger home – meaning multiple mattress sets for guest bedrooms and a child’s room. If you buy your mattress now, that is less stress down the road, and, less money!

Why we care.

Our company takes a special interest in newlyweds and soon-to-be-married couples as it is one of their fist big purchases together, and, it is a great way to ensure we get to be with you on your journey as a couple! When you are ready to buy mattresses for guest bedrooms and children, we hope to help you then as well!

Visit one of our nearby locations and let us help you find your dream bed to add to your registry. Did we mention that we have a bridal coupon for $300 off a mattress set purchase? 


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