Milk Does The [Winter] Body Good

milk bath recipe

If you’re like most people you’re feeling the affects of Old Man Winter by now, dry skin, chapped lips, itchiness, praying for warmer weather and sunshine. Lotion seems like a go-to for relief but have you tried a milk bath? A what?!? Yes, you read that right, a milk bath. People have been dunking themselves in milk way longer than those oh-so addicting and beloved black and white cookies. 

But how does one take a “milk bath” you ask? Well, I can tell you it’s not filling your bathtub full of milk.It absolutely can be if you want but (if you have a bathtub available) why freeze and make a mess when you can relax in a warm nourishing bath that smells great and will leave you feeling like Cleopatra. Whip up this quick and easy recipe, draw a bath and give your skin the luxurious refresh it deserves.

Quick & Easy Milk Bath

You'll need the following:

• At least 2 cups of powdered milk. Coconut or almond varieties are great options. 

• 1/2 cup corn starch

• 1/2 cup baking soda

• Essential oil of choice. We chose lavender for its relaxing sleepy qualities

• Measuring cups

• An airtight container 

Optional: Epsom salt | Honey | Fresh herb sprigs (such as rosemary, mint or lavender)

This is so simple you can mix all the ingredients together directly in the airtight container. Easy peasy. Measure out 2 cups of powdered milk, 1/2 cup of both corn starch and baking soda, pour all 3 into the container.

Add 5-10 drops of good quality Lavender essential oil or your preferred oil. (Note: not all essential oils are great for baths, I highly recommend avoiding spicy oils, like peppermint, ginger and cinnamon just to name a few. More on essential oils here.

Once you have the dry ingredients and oil in the jar try adding some fresh herbs. For this milk bath mix I added some rosemary from my herb garden. Next, channel your childhood memories of Shake 'N Bake or rolling Monopoly dice and shake the jar for about 10-15 seconds.

And there you have it, your very own jar of homemade milk bath. Or give it as a gift, add a scoop for convenience, along with a decorative ribbon and chalkboard label, voila, made with love just in time for Valentine's Day.

Relax and enjoy.  


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