Is Your Guest Bedroom Ready?


As if Christmas shopping isn’t stressful enough, you now have to prepare all the available spaces for guests and relatives sleeping over. This includes sofas, trundle beds, guest bedrooms, etc…

Make getting sleep a priority. Decreased sleep leads to increased irritability and decreased patience. Getting adequate sleep will help keep your holidays happy and less stressful.

Are all of your “sleep spaces” ready? Do you have enough blankets, sheets, pillows, even mattresses that wont cause Uncle Ferb to complain about his back the next morning?

If you have family coming to stay with you, be sure to have proper sleeping arrangements for them. Making a pallet on the ground in the living room is not healthy or fun. Aunt Wilma would be very irritable if she woke up with stiff shoulders and an achy back…and nobody wants to be around her when she is like that.

Luckily, we are your one stop shop solution! We carry Simmons BeautyRest inflatable mattresses, and many affordable mattresses for you to use when family is over this holiday season.

Out of pillows or blankets? No worries! We carry the best of the best. Did you know? Pillows from your favorite retail chain should be replaced after 2 months due to the amount of bacteria, germs, dust mites, and more, building up inside! Gross…we know. 

Let us show you all of our amazing pillows that feature down, cooling gel, memory foam, traditional, and so many more! We also have linens and bedding accessories to ensure you are stocked for those last minute surprise arrivals.

Visit one of our nearby locations today to get in on the holiday savings before family arrives!


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