How Zero Gravity Affects Your Sleep

tempur-pedic zero-gravity base

Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable base sets are on sale for up to $1,000 off during our Black Friday Sale. Besides great savings, why should you care? Because adjustable bases can help you achieve your optimum sleep.

What is zero gravity?

One of the greatest benefits of an adjustable base is the zero-gravity feeling that comes with finding the best position of the base for your needs. This zero-gravity feeling is a soothing position that provides medical and lifestyle benefits. The zero-gravity position is the position your body is in with a neutral body posture. All of this can leave your body feeling, well, weightless, and allows your body to relax more than when your body feels any pressure or gravity pulling against it.

Health benefits

The zero-gravity position alleviates the forces of pressure on the spine and body by distributing the body’s weight evenly. This position also increases circulation. Beyond reduction of pain, the increased circulation can decrease swelling and prevent circulatory issues. The weightlessness feeling also takes pressure off of the heart muscle.

Additional benefits

Heartburn and acid reflux have been known to decrease with the use of an adjustable base as well. Snoring can be reduced with an elevated head position that comes from an adjustable base. Without these nighttime interruptions, better sleep can be achieved for the sleeper and their bed partner.

Ongoing benefits

Sleeping in a zero-gravity feel for an extended period of time can relieve insomnia. Getting a full-night’s sleep on a regular basis has a wealth of health benefits including disease prevention, and waking pain-free and fully refreshed allows you to take on your daily tasks with more mental strength. An adjustable base, memory foam mattress, and proper pillows and bedding all together will aide in achieving the best night’s sleep for your needs.


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