How to Stay Active During Winter Months

woman running in cold weather

It may be tempting to hibernate in the winter as it gets colder and the desire to be outside becomes less and less. However, just because the temperatures are dropping, your activity level should drop as well. It’s reported that the average person gains 5 – 10 pounds during the holiday season. Staying active also affects more aspects of your life than just your waistline, like your quality of sleep and your ability to focus on daily tasks.

Staying active outside

Layer up for your usual outdoor activities, with the layer closest to your skin being one made of moisture-wicking material. The top layer should be wind and water resistant. Layers will help insulate your body and keep it warm, but also allow you maintain a comfortable temperature if you need to shed a layer.

Even though the days are shorter, try to do any outdoor activities during daylight hours. This will keep you warm, but also keep you safe. If you must exercise when it’s dark, wear reflective clothing.

Staying hydrated is just as important when it’s cold out too. Drinking water before, during, and after your workout will combat dehydration, but also combat illness. Proper fluid intake can stave off infection in the colder months as well as any vitamin supplement. If water doesn’t seem appetizing while outdoors, try a thermos of warm herbal tea.

Moving it indoors

If you just can’t bear the cold or the dark, move your outdoor activities inside. If you’re a runner, try joining a gym with a track or at least a treadmill. If outdoor sports are your thing, try finding an indoor replacement, like indoor soccer or a gymnasium with a sports league. Try walking inside at a mall. You could even create a home gym that will get that heart rate up and keep you moving.

What are ways that you stay active in cooler months?



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