How To Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

relaxing bedroom

When you walk into your bedroom at night, preparing for sleep, do you immediately fee relaxed and comfortable in the room? Do you feel restless or worry about things other than sleep?

Chances are your bedroom is not encouraging a relaxing space for you, and we have compiled some of the top ways to get your sleep space, to become your ultimate relaxation retreat.


Soft colors found in nature are the most relaxing. This isn't the room for brights, harsh colors or shiny textures. Think of the serenity of the calm ocean or sky, the peaceful look of a meadow, or the hush of a foggy morning. Choose your palette from soft tones of green or blue; muted, warm grays or browns; or medium shades of warmed pink or yellow.

Can’t agree on a color with your partner? The Meaning of Color for Gender, an article on gender differences and color preferences, would be a great read to understand the differences you may have.


Scent evokes strong emotional reactions and contributes to the mood of a room. Your relaxing space shouldn't be near pet areas, the bathroom or the kitchen. Give the space a pleasant fragrance with bowls of potpourri, scented oil diffusers, incense or solid air fresheners. Lavender, rose and vanilla are especially relaxing scents.

Best scents for a stress-free bedroom:

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Valerian
  • Jasmine
  • Any scent that makes you most comfortable


It's hard to relax in a cluttered, dirty or messy space. Get rid of anything that doesn't belong in your tranquility room. Clean up, and invest in a few storage boxes or cabinets to hide away craft supplies, clothes, games or whatever needs to be in the room but doesn't need to be on display. Minimize furniture and accessories to only those things that are comfortable and that you love.

Soft Textures

Surround yourself with soft textures in your tranquility room. Toss a cozy wool blanket on the couch and place a soft rug on the floor. This isn't the room for angular or hard furniture. A deep, cushioned sofa or comfortable futon are perfect for reclining while you unwind. An overstuffed chair is another good spot to relax. Have a few pillows available to position your body and relieve stress or pressure.


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