How to Get Your Best Night's Sleep This Fall

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Fall is here! That mean’s cooler temperatures, the kids back to school and shorter days. With all of these changes, it’s no surprise that your sleep schedule may also be affected. With the daylight hours decreasing, your sleep cycle can definitely be influenced. As we all know, prioritizing your sleep at night is just as important as eating right and exercising. Here are a few pointers on how to make sure you are getting the optimum sleep you need as fall is approaching:


Spend Time Outside

Even if it just for 20-30 minutes of your day, making sure to get that light exposure on a daily, consistent basis is crucial. This not only can help to get you moving and heartrate your heartrate up, but exposing yourself to some outdoor light can help to promote wakefulness throughout the daytime.


Stick to the Same Schedule

As the days get shorter, you may begin to be tempted to hit that snooze button a little more than usual. Waking up when it is still dark outside, when you may be used to waking up with the sunrise can absolutely be an adjustment. However, making sure you are sticking to your same sleep schedule is very important to ensuring you get the optimum amount of sleep you need. Although it may be tricky, making sure that you and your family stick to a set sleep schedule that doesn’t alter with the changing season will help to make sure you are getting your best sleep this upcoming fall season.


Keep your Bedroom Temperature Consistent     

This goes hand in hand with keeping the same sleep schedule. While the temperature outside may be changing, that doesn’t mean that the temperature inside your bedroom needs to. It is important to keep your bedroom a consistent, relatively neutral temperature. If it is kept too cold, your melatonin production may suffer. However, if it kept too hot, not only can that cause some discomfort, but it can lead to dry nasal passages which leads to a higher susceptibility to colds and flu.




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