How Sleep Improves Your life

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As crazy as it may seem, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Getting the adequate 7-9 hours a night doesn’t just allow you to feel more energized during the day. There are plenty of other ways sleep can improve your life when you make it a priority in your life.

 You’ll Feel Less Hungry

Adequate sleep takes part in regulating hormones that effect how hungry you feel. For instance, ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry, and leptin, which makes you feel full. If you are not getting the suggested 7-9 hours a night, these hormones don’t act properly, causing you to feel hungrier. This goes hand-in-hand with why people who are sleep-deprived have a higher chance of struggling with their weight.

Sleep Improves Productivity and Concentration

Good sleep is vital for various aspects of brain function, including productivity, concentration, cognition and performance. These can all be negatively affected by sleep deprivation, which is yet another reason why sleep should be a priority! After you’ve gotten a restful night’s sleep, you will feel more alert and readier to tackle the day ahead of you.

You’ll Maximize your Athletic Performance

Another reason why sleep improves your life: it can enhance your athletic performance! Physical activity puts a lot of demand on your muscles and getting those zzz’s allows your body the time it needs to repair itself. Those who get more sleep will not only feel more rested and ready to attack their workout or game, but will have an increase in coordination and speed.


Bottom line, there are tons of ways that sleep can improve your life! It is just as important as exercise and diet, so be sure to make sleep a priority in your day to day life.  




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