How Does the Summer Solstice Affect Your Night’s Sleep?

Bedroom light

Summertime brings warm weather and longer days. However, longer days can mean a shorter night’s sleep. Not only can the heat be keeping you awake this summer, but the longer daylight can also disrupt your normal sleep routine. With the summer solstice upon us (otherwise known as the longest day of the year) here are a few tips and pieces of information about how to maximize your sleep this summer.

Keep the Light Out

The longest days of the year are here, which means more daylight. Our internal clocks are based on the rising and setting of the sun, which is known as our circadian rhythm. This is the foundation of why we feel awake and alert, and then tired at the same times every day. As it gets dark outside, our bodies begin to produce melatonin which gradually eases you to feel sleepy.  However, with these longer days, that light pouring into the bedroom window can give your body a harder time defining when it is truly time for bed.

To try and make sure you can keep your normal sleep routine, you can focus on keeping the light outside of your bedroom. Turning off all the lights in your bedroom is a given, and purchasing black out curtains for your windows can be beneficial in helping keep your bedroom dark. If you choose not to go the blackout curtains route, an eye mask can also do the trick.

With these few tips, you will be able to spend less time worrying about the quality of your sleep, and more time focusing on enjoying the summer! Happy Summer Solstice!




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