Green, With Envy, Juice

ingredients for green juice

To celebrate National Green Juice day we swapped java for juice.

If you’re a coffee person, it’s likely one of the first things on your mind after your feet hit the ground in the morning. Fumble with the alarm clock, get out of bed, turn on the lights and make a cup of coffee, in that order. Unless you have a nifty coffee maker combined with an alarm clock within arm’s reach.

For me, this morning was different; I knew today was the day. The day that would begin with slicing apples instead of scooping coffee grounds, am I being overly dramatic? Of course, I haven’t had my coffee yet.

So how did it go?

I decided to go with a classic green juice concoction consisting of green apple, cucumber, lemon and spinach. After taking some photos of the vibrant spread, which is a must, the prep work commenced. I’ll admit I’m a smoothie person and don’t even own a juicer, shootout to my friend Emily for loaning me hers. So, after looking over the beast of a machine I remembered the step-by-step instructions and began juicing. That just sounds funny.

The fruit and veggies went in and a VERY surprisingly small amount of juice fell into my cup but with its wonderful shade of green color it looked healthy and refreshing. In anticipation, I tipped up my cup and immediately made the face of a baby eating a lemon. Too acidic, that’s completely my fault. Maybe if I had had a cup of coffee first I would have measured the portions more precisely. Insert the crazy face emoji.

I made a second batch. Other than the tartness it was delightful, a nice blend of hearty and sweet. Will it take the place of my coffee or smoothies, eh…I don’t know about that. Would I make it again for a morning pick-me-up, yes…but on a weekend or a day I’m not rushing out the door. Did it give me a boost of energy; well…I’m not asleep on my keyboard, haven’t caved in for a hot cup of Joe yet. But I could contribute the jolt of energy to the mouth puckering lemon flavor, 8 hours of sleep and/or the food pusher piece painfully landing on one of my toes in an attempt to get it unstuck from the juicer. True story.

All in all, juice is great there’s no denying that. By early morning, I already had a serving of fruits and veggies literally under my belt, no jitters in sight and felt completely alert. 

Green, with envy, Juice

• 1 green apple, sliced and seeded 

• 1/3 to 1/2 cucumber 

• 2 cups of spinach (about two handfuls)

• 1/4 lemon (peeled)

Optional: mint leaves, ginger, kale, drizzle with honey

Add all ingredients to the juicer, push and enjoy.

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.  Already an avid juicer, send us your favorite recipe!



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