Give Yourself Space

woman laying on bed

The idea of falling asleep in your partner’s arms is quite idyllic and romantic. Sadly, that is not the most restful sleep position. Sleeping side-by-side can lead to up to 50 percent more nighttime disturbances than if you slept solo. It’s safe to say that you need your space when sleeping for the best night’s sleep.

Wide open spaces

A larger sleeping surface allows for you to fully relax and move when needed throughout the night without the fear of disturbing your sleep partner. The standard size of a king-size mattress is 80 inches by 76 inches, so each sleeper has sufficient surface area for sleep. To put this in perspective, if you share a full-size bed, your sleep surface is less than that of a standard crib mattress.

Making a little more room

It may seem like upgrading to a king-size mattress won’t work for your bedroom due to lack of space. But look at it this way:  a king-size mattress is only 16 inches wider than a queen-size mattress. One way to make more space is to ditch the bedside table. Consider instead adding a shelf that runs above your headboard as an alternative bedside table option. And if you’re a bibliophile, a shelf like this could provide more room to display your books. Win, win!

But wait, it gets better

If you’ve been considering upgrading to a king-size mattress and the above points haven’t totally convinced you, let me share another something else with you. Now is the time to buy during the More for Less event! Get a king-, queen-, or full-sized mattress for the price of a twin-size mattress. This event runs through the end of the month, so stop in today to have one of our Sleep Experts outfit you with the best mattress for you. We all sleep, why not sleep well on a king-size mattress?



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