Do You Sleep Hot?

tempur-pedic breeze

Did you know that millions of people don’t sleep well at night? Some have trouble falling asleep initially, while others can’t seem to stay asleep all night. And while it’s easy to blame a sleep disorder, there are two common issues that cause sleeplessness that you probably easily overlook: your mattress and your temperature.

Your temperature - as in your body temperature and that of your bedroom - plays a very significant role in your sleep health. Experts believe when your body is cool (65 to 72 degrees) you’ll sleep better and wake less. Your mattress has just as big of an impact. The wrong mattress (too firm or too soft), or a mattress that’s too old can lend a hand in many restless nights tossing and turning to relieve pressure and low back pain. Don’t lose sleep thinking about a solution though; we have a solution for both of these problems!

Introducing the new TEMPUR-Breeze:

Tempur-Pedic is the most highly recommended bed in America and boasts a 93% satisfaction rating. Newest to their lineup is TEMPUR-Breeze 2.0. TEMPUR-Breeze offers all of the benefits of TEMPUR material – adaptive support, pressure relief and motion separation – while also offering continuous cooling comfort to help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Breeze technology uses three key components to help keep you cool through the night: a cooling cover, a Comfort Layer (top layer) of TEMPUR material infused with PureCool, and two breathable layers underneath that allow heat and humidity to dissipate.

Breeze technology is now available in all three Tempur-Pedic Collections – TEMPUR-HD, TEMPUR- Flex, and TEMPUR-Cloud - giving every type of sleeper an option to sleep cool! The Elite Breeze offers a Medium-Firm feel, the Flex Supreme Breeze offers a Medium feel, the Cloud Supreme Breeze offers and soft feel, and the Luxe Breeze offers an ultra-soft feel.

So if you’re having troubling sleeping and struggle to feel cool enough to get comfortable at night visit one of our nearby locations and feel the Breeze. 


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