Do You Really Need a Mattress Protector?

mattress protector

You’ve just purchased a mattress, thinking that you may be done with your complete “sleep outfit”. Then you start to think about the pillows, sheets, adjustable base, mattress protector and get a bit overwhelmed. While many may seem to overlook the addition of a mattress protector, it is something that will complete your set and help to ensure that you are setting yourself up for life-changing sleep. A mattress protector goes on prior to your sheet set. It fits overtop your mattress, similar to a fitted sheet. There are several reasons why it is important to include a mattress protector:

It Keeps Your Mattress Clean

A big reason why it’s important to include a mattress protector when accessorizing your mattress is to keep it clean. There are all sorts of things that could get on your mattress, from sweat, to dead skin cells, to dust mites…the list goes on. Adding that mattress protector in there ensure that your mattress stays clean, and all of that dirt can be washed away from the protector in the washing machine. By protecting your mattress from stains and dirt, you’ll make sure to keep your mattress clean as well as extend the life of it.

Protects Your Warranty

If you by chance get a stain on your mattress, the warranty will no longer be valid. No matter how good you may have taken care of it otherwise, or no matter how long it was in your bedroom, you will not be able to return it with a stain. Adding in a mattress protector is just one more precautious step to make sure you are taking care of the most important piece of furniture in your home.

Helps Keep You Cool

Many people sleep hot. If a cooling mattress is something that is not in your budget, adding a cooling mattress protector can help to relieve some of your sleeping-hot issues. Specifically, our Artic Chill mattress protector features cool-to-the-touch Nordic Chill fiver that actively pulls heat away from sleepers throughout the night. Not only is it cool, but it is backed with moisture and allergen-stopping Miracle Membrane. You can view this product here!


All in all, a mattress protector allows for a healthy, clean and comfortable sleep environment. Our mattress protectors can be viewed here or visit a store near you to shop!




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