Did You Know there is a Festival of Sleep Day?

baby sleeping with mouth open

The Festival of Sleep Day is celebrated every year on January 3. No one really knows who started it, but it is thought it was originally created to give people an extra day of shut eye after an eventful holiday season. It’s a pretty straight-forward holiday to celebrate, but if you need some tips on how to celebrate to the best of your ability, here they are:

Take a bath. Not only are baths soothing, the resulting drop in body temperature immediately following will help ease your body into sleep. Soak it up!

Dress the part. Keep your pajamas comfortable, loose, and cool. Consider an eye mask to keep it dark, and ear plugs or white noise to keep it quiet. Whatever works best for you, stick with that routine and restful sleep will be sure to come your way.

Cut the clutter. Clutter leads to a stressful environment, one not conducive to great sleep. Pick up the dirty laundry and remove the paperwork and bills. When it comes to sleep, you want everything else out of sight and out of mind.

Change the sheets. This one can be hard to explain with hard and fast facts, but people tend to sleep better in fresh sheets. Even changing just your pillowcase can have a positive impact on your sleep quality.

Replace your pillow. Much like mattresses, pillows break down with time and frequent usage. We do spend a third of our lives asleep, after all. Even the very best pillows may have a limited lifespan. As a quick test: Fold your pillow in half. If it doesn’t spring back to shape, it’s likely time for a new one.

Listen to the music. The right song can be your personal lullaby come night time. Soft, slow, and soothing tunes are prime candidates to sing you to sleep. That being said, your favorite hard rock jam or hip-hop beat might not be ideal.

What other ways do you prepare yourself for a great night’s (or day’s) sleep?






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