Cure Mid-Week Blues

mid week blues

If you’re a small business, you are no doubt suffering from a lack of motivation. But we all know the show must go on. After all, when we’re feeling sloth-like, we find it hard to keep our nose to the ground and keep pushing through.

Here are some tips to keep the ball rolling:

Cure for the Mid-Week Slump

  1. Go out for that Jamba Juice! Even if frozen fruity cups of heaven aren’t your thing, you have to remember to take breaks throughout the day. Even just 5-10 minutes of sunshine or a quick call to the near-by smoothie shop can invigorate your mental health, and help you to make it to 5PM.
  2. Change your outlook on the day. It takes 5-10 seconds to put you in a better, or worse, mood. Go somewhere in the office that will allow for some privacy and take a deep breath. Think positive thoughts and reinforce them by saying them out loud.
  3. Think about the week ahead. Identify the things about the rest of the week that might be causing you to feel down or anxious:
    • Upcoming tests, exams, meetings, presentations, etc. that still require preparation or are simply worrying you
    • Routine - you feel that your week has become humdrum and that there is little to relieve the monotony of what you're doing
    • You are being intimidated, bullied, mistreated, etc., by someone at work, school, college, etc. and you're afraid of spending time near them
    • You know that you're studying the wrong course, working in the wrong job, etc., but you keep it up anyway
  4. You can't quite put your finger on the reasons why but you just feel awful and you know it has something to do with the week not being as fun as the weekend.
  5. Lack of proper sleep. Studies have shown that when a person does not have the proper sleep (due to poor diet, lack of routine, bad mattress, etc.) it shows and can be the cause of the “blues” at work. Studies also show that over 60% of people do not realize their bed is not the right bed for them.

A lot of us were given hand-me-down beds or have a mattress of poor quality that promotes back pain and sleep disorders. When shopping for a mattress, it is important to find the perfect one that addresses your concerns. Back sleeper vs. side sleeper, memory foam vs. wrapped coil, the list goes on!

In conclusion: know that getting the right amount of sleep is important to counteract the blues we get at work. Visit one of our nearest locations to have a trained associate take you on a Rest Test to find your perfect fit mattress!


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