College Students: Refresh Your Mind This Summer

college students sitting on grass

It’s official folks, school’s out for summer – if you’re a college student that is. Now that all of the stress and anxiety is behind us, it’s time to hit the reset button on our mental health. According to experts at BU, “Mental health has become a critical issue on college campuses.” This is in part due to students’ lack of healthy decision-making that would contribute to a less stressful lifestyle. Below I’ve compiled some ways, with the help of Campus Mind Works, to refresh your mind this summer.

Manage Stress

There are countless techniques that can help you manage stress. Utilizing planners and lists for organization is one major key that I’ve found helps me keep my stress under control. But the primary thing to remember is not to put too much on your plate! It is so much better to focus more time on a few tasks than a little time on too many tasks. Narrowing down priorities and keeping them all in check will get your stress and anxiety under control.


Taking a minute to breathe is another MAJOR KEY ALERT when managing stress and anxiety. Now that you have the whole summer to get your life back under control, try taking a few minutes out of your day and practice some relaxation. This has been proven to reduce stress in addition to aiding symptoms associated with mental health disorders.

Hit the Gym

Trust me, exercising is never my favorite thing to do, but it is always the one thing I never regret doing once it’s over! Exercising releases endorphins which are these awesome things that put you in a better mood: 10/10 would recommend. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a walk, lift some weights or pull up a yoga video. I promise, this is a sure fire way to get your mind right and away from stress.

Don’t Forget Your Veggies!

I hate to say it, but this is a no brainer. Eating healthy is one of the key components to taking good care of yourself. According to Campus Mind Works, “Nutrition has been linked with emotional, physical and cognitive health.” Not only does a healthy diet ensure you feel less sluggish and down on yourself, it boost your immune system and keeps you on your toes. The sharper your mind is, the less stressed you will be.

Catch Up on That Sleep

And finally – THE MAJOR MAJOR KEY! Sleep is one of the most, if not THE most, important factors in minimizing stress and being as productive as possible. College is a time when sleep is often put on the back burner, but this can really fry your brain and make you more frazzled than ever. Just like your mother always told you, get your recommended 8 hours of sleep on a Sleep Outfitters mattress that fits your needs. You’ll be much happier and healthier waking up on the right side of the bed. 


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