College Christmas List

christmas tree on chalkboard

Baby, it’s cold outside! That can only mean one thing…Christmas is on its way. For college students, knowing what to ask your parents and family members for on Christmas can be a difficult task. Do you go the gas card/cash route or try and get specific with clothing, hoping your grandmother comes through?

Let Sleep Outfitters make things easy on you this holiday season with a College Gift Guide you can pass along to your family and friends. Because what screams “I’m an adult now, mom” like some new sheets and throw pillows?

Atlas Platform Base ($$)

Nix that old box spring and upgrade to a platform bed frame! Speaking from experience, this particular frame is easy to put together and stores perfectly when you are moving to your next college apartment. It also adds ease to the moving experience when you can avoid the bulky box spring and replace it with this sleek base. And don’t forget the more than a foot of storage space underneath to hide all of the unnecessary purchases you make throughout the year!

Perfect Plush Pillows ($)

Balling on a budget this Christmas but really don’t want to settle for Walmart brand pillows? Sleep Outfitters’ Perfect Plush Pillows are the perfect amount of plush and stability. Stack four or five of these in your bed and you can feel like you are being surrounded by marshmallows all winter long. And for the low price of $5, your friends and family can get a few for you and treat themselves and their guest rooms as well!

Degree 5 Premium Bamboo Sheets ($$)

Last, but of course not least, is one of the most important parts of your bedroom décor: the sheets! Comfort and style go hand in hand with Sleep Outfitters’ Degree 5 Premium Bamboo Sheets that come in three sophisticated colors. Made up of 70% Viscose from Bamboo and 30% cotton blend, this sheet set will ensure you stay cool through the night. If you find allergies to be a problem when it comes to your sheet selection, this set is naturally resistant to bacteria and allergens, making them right up your ally!

When sending your Christmas desires to family and friends this Fall, put Sleep Outfitters at the top of your list! Our array of upscale but affordable bedroom accessories make for a great wrapped gift and an even better night’s sleep. 


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