Benefits of Rotating Your Mattress

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Rotating your mattress is important for extending the life of your mattress. Rotating can be as simple as turning your mattress 180 degrees. Sometimes, flipping your mattress so that the side you slept on is now against the foundation. Not all mattress types, like memory foam mattresses, need to be rotated as frequently, and often times memory foam mattresses are not made to be flipped.

Why should I rotate my mattress?

As mentioned, rotating and/or flipping your mattress will extend the life of your mattress. But how? Rotating and flipping your mattress will even out the normal wear and tear on your mattress, even if you share your mattress. Preventing mattress breakdown will also let you continue getting the good night’s sleep you’re used to. When a mattress can’t support you like it used to, you will be more susceptible to tossing and turning, and even more susceptible to aches and pains.

How often should I rotate my mattress?

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses should be rotated 4 times a year, or once a quarter. Doing it when the seasons change will keep you on a regular schedule. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation for your mattress model, and see if just rotating your mattress will suffice, of if you should flip your mattress as well. Memory foam mattresses should be rotated at least twice year.

What if I have an adjustable base?

Mattresses on adjustable bases should definitely be rotated on a consistent schedule as they experience more movement than mattresses on flat foundations. Preventing mattress breakdown is paramount for adjustable base users. Again, the manufacturer will have recommendations of mattress and base maintenance.

If rotating your mattress isn’t helping you get a better night’s sleep, it may be time for a new mattress. Stop by one of our stores, and a Sleep Expert will outfit you with the best mattress for your sleep needs.


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