All New Stearns & Foster is Here!

stearns and foster in bedroom

Stearns & Foster mattresses have been expertly crafted for over 170 years, and we are honored to have them in our family of brands. This spring, Stearns & Foster enhanced their existing Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid, and Reserve collections. With the same unparalleled design and exceptional, long-lasting quality, Stearns & Foster mattresses now provide longer-lasting comfort.

What’s new?

Indulge Memory Foam, engineered by Tempur-Pedic® exclusively for Stearns & Foster, provides premium pressure relief for all-night support. Indulge HD Memory Foam, another Stearns & Foster exclusive engineered by Tempur-Pedic, offers the ultimate plush comfort without sacrificing durability.

IntelliCoil® and IntelliCoil® HD provide our patented coil-within-coil design to provide adaptive support for all body types. IntelliCoil HD still utilizes Stearns & Foster’s one-of-a-kind innerspring design but features more densely packed coils to provide even more adaptive support for every type of sleeper. Intellicoil ® Micro Layers stretch across the entire mattress for long-lasting support for plush yet conforming comfort. Intellicoil® Micro HD Layers are part of the Stearns & Foster legendary, hand-built Reserve beds. This pillowtop layer brings IntelliCoil technology to their most luxurious mattress and delivers the exceptional comfort and support that only Stearns & Foster craftsmanship can provide.

The AirVent System is a ventilated coil system that works with external air vents to help prevent heat buildup in your mattress to promote cool, comfortable, deep slumber throughout the night.

What’s still the same?

The PrecisionEdge™ System is an innovative system of miniature coils offers better support than a hardened foam edge, with improved breathability and a longer, more durable lifespan. Stearns & Foster extended the usable sleep surface by bringing the spring support system all the way to the edge.

What collection is right for me?

Estate Collection

The Estate Collection is designed to deliver supreme comfort with Indulge Memory Foam, IntelliCoil® and PrecisionEdge™ and AirVent Systems.

Lux Estate Collection

The Lux Estate Collection includes all features and materials from Estate plus the extra touches you deserve, such as velvet inset handles and embroidery, Indulge HD Memory Foam, IntelliCoil® HD and IntelliCoil® Micro Layer.

Lux Estate Hybrid Collection

Lux Estate Hybrid takes the Stearns & Foster time-honored craftsmanship to the next level by combining Indulge Memory Foam with IntelliCoil® HD for a mattress that’s as cozy as it is supportive.

Reserve Collection

Our Reserve Collection is Stearns & Foster's highest expression of craftsmanship that is hand tufted for durability, with upholstery-grade velvet and embroidery plus all the features and materials you expect for one-of-a-kind design, quality and feel.


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