All About International Sloth Day

sloth in tree

There are lots of silly and fun “holidays” out there to recognize and celebrate, and International Sloth Day is definitely a day we can get behind. The day was created in 2010 by the AIUNAU Foundation to raise awareness for the sloth animal, who is native to Central and South America. Sloth is also considered one of the seven deadly sins from early Christianity. Whichever you choose to observe on October 20, we have some fun facts for you.

More than just a cuddly face 

Sloths are extremely slow-moving animals, and sleep anywhere between 15 – 20 hours a day. While it may seem that there’s no way these animals can achieve much with so few active hours each day, it turns out their fur is home to many different algae, fungi, beetles, and other insects. The sloth has two layers of fur, and it turns out that its inhabitants have a symbiotic relationship with their host. The algae can give the fur a green hue, which helps camouflage the sloth while it hangs in the trees. Also, recent studies have shown that the algae and fungi found in the fur could help fight human diseases. That is definitely something worth celebrating! Some people state that sloths are their favorite animal. Actress Kristen Bell has been known to get a little weepy when it comes to sloths.

More than just being lazy

We can appreciate the other meaning of the word sloth, even though it’s considered one of the seven deadly sins. Rest is necessary for recovery, and a few hours or a day of laziness can help us recharge and decompress. The true sin of sloth is more than just laziness, and encompasses a host of other attributes like indifference, negligence, and avoidance. We’re not condoning those characteristics when celebrating sloth. One day a year, we can get behind being a little lazy, getting the sleep you need, and relaxing. What’s your favorite way to be lazy?

What will you being doing celebrate International Sloth Day?



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